As a company that leads the social media marketing industry, we specialize in using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter etc. in order to spread awareness for your brand and attain brand recognition. Finding a company that recognizes the ins and outs of social media is important when looking to market your brand in a more widespread way. Hence, this is why DMT is here to help you employ the finest resources to take your brand to the top.

Our team consists of the most experienced and refined graphic designers and expert marketers so we can give you the type of success your brand needs. Our employing strategy involves looking for the complete professional set of skills that will be sure to wow your consumers when they will visit your brand. We work hard day and night for the well-being of your brand and our expertise allow us to market your business with ultimate ease.

With the fast-paced developing world of digital marketing and graphic designing, it is imperative that a brand uses the available services to remain relevant and recognized among the corporate world. Social media allows for brand awareness to spread far and wide which will give your brand the global recognition it needs to grow and succeed with enthusiasm. Thus, social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube and more are important to the development of the brand and ensures fruitful turnover.


Our company uses the top assets and best expert set of skills so we can give you an unbelievable experience that will leave you in awe. We have worked with numerous huge companies and have helped them lead the market amongst their competitors on a large scale through a few analytical social media management. The importance of such a service is recognized all over the world, hence why most companies strive to find the best possible way to achieve these benefits, and DMT will make all this conceivable for you.


In order to have efficient marketing services that will actually make a difference in your turnover and customer relationships is how gripping and magnetic it can be. Moreover, it needs to be engaging so that it will pull customers in to become log-term users of your brand. Thus, our effective marketing services promise you this success by being interactive and alluring towards your consumers and making them willingly want to stay and attain from your brand.

Social Media Marketing Packages

Our social media packages are extremely affordable and budget-friendly. We offer a wide range of services on all sorts of social media platforms and our team is sure to analyze each aspect of your brand to come up with the most successful outcomes.

Attributes SMM Gold Plan SMM Platinum Plan SMM Advance
Affordable SMO cost per month USD $300 per month USD $450 per month USD $700 per month

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Fan Page Creation Yes Yes Yes
Facebook Regular Weekly Updates Yes Yes Yes
Facebook Profile Avatar Design Once a week Once a week Twice a week
Facebook Timeline Image Design Yes Yes Yes
Facebook Posting 15 post monthly 20 post monthly 30 post monthly
Facebook Page Likes 150 250 1000

Twitter Marketing

Twitter Page Creation Yes Yes Yes
Regular Weekly Updates Yes Yes Yes
Twitter Background Design Yes Yes Yes
Twitter Posting 2 post in a week 4 post in a week 7 post in a week
Twitter Followers 50 75 300

Instagram Marketing

Instagram Page Creation Yes Yes Yes
Regular Weekly Updates Yes Yes Yes
Instagram Posting 2 post in a week 4 post in a week 7 post in a week
Instagram Followers 50 75 400

SMM Strategies


We strive to create new and fresh content for your social media that is 100% and never-been-seen-before to create a unique brand identity. Having such different and new content will attract more consumers as they will be curious about your brand and the gripping and engaging content we will provide for your social media will make those consumers long-term.


To make sure that your visitors turn into buyers and consumers, we have to create content that is enticing and magnetic so that your consumers will be here to stay. We design such intriguing content which is interactive specifically to fit the needs of your brand.

As our customer, you are at advantage for being able to attain the services of such a digital marketing company which will always put the customer first and promise a 100% satisfaction rate that won’t leave you frowning.

SMM Strategies


We, as your digital marketing provider will take responsibility for all the inner work that goes down when developing your brand’s social identity. From creating affiliated links so that consumers land on your brand to designing content, we handle all the dirty work when it comes to uplifting your social media presence.

When working with us, it is important for our customers to know that they are in safe hands. DMT is a renowned company which specializes in digital marketing and graphic designing, and nothing matters more to us then our customer satisfaction which has remained top of the charts.

We will take care of each and every aspect of your brand and optimize it to its full potential so you can get the maximum turnover possible.


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