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Marketing through videos is proven to be at least 2.5 times more effective than conventional marketing tools ​

Animated Videos are the best engagement tools for most customers. Be it a whiteboard animation video or a 2D explainer video, the chances of customer engagement are 2.5 times higher than any other marketing tool. Most Companies are now moving away from generic marketing techniques and are now hiring agencies offering best whiteboard animation services for their animated promotional videos or for as simple a work as animated infographics.

How Can we help?

Digital marketing Trade (DMT) is different from traditional marketing agencies. We understand that an online business needs much more than just higher web traffic.  There are multiple strategies that help online businesses increase their visitors.

 To create an appealing interface, your digital presence needs to be interactive and engaging, which will make visitors stay and finally convert into customers. Video animation is the most recognized and winning tool for visual content. Our vetted team transforms your thoughts into a visual identity. We deliver your message with simplicity, precisely and in the most convincing way. DMT offers a range of animation services such as logo animation designs, whiteboard animation videos, animated infographics, and animated design for websites. Our full suit animation services include

2D Animation

2D Animated Videos could be used for any purpose. Most Companies use 2D animation for explaining processes, products and services they offer. It’s an amazing way how people can connect to such videos and get the message which you intend to bring out. 2D animation is the art of developing movement in a 2-dimensional space. This includes characters, special effects and background and creatures. it’s the magic of creating individual drawings in a sequential manner, together over time.

3D Animation

3D animated videos are a step ahead of 2 dimensional videos. 3D is used in the video game industry, movies, and cartoons and is generally used for high-end production. The difference between 2D and 3D animation is that 3D is more mechanical and 2D is more artistic. 2D requires illustration, as every frame needs to be drawn separately, whereas 3D works with ‘rigs’. Our specialized 3D animators bring life to any character and give them natural movement. The Companies usually use 3D to illustrate their products, specially more complicated products such as engines and motors or working of large mechanical plants. Having said that, 3D animation is a great way to showcase and explain a simple product like a shoe or a watch. Given that 3D is more expensive than 2D, most companies settle for a 2D illustrative videos as compared to 3D.

Whiteboard Explainer Video

Whiteboard animated videos is the most cost effective and simplest of them all. It’s a great way to tell a story, explain a product and describe a process or a Company. With a combination of text, characters and voice-overs, it helps deliver a complex message in the simplest of the ways.  Whiteboard animation are designed to look like the content is being hand-drawn on a white background or a school whiteboard. It is cost effective as it usually takes a shorter amount of time as compared to other types of animations. However, the challenge it possesses is the script writing and ensuring that each frame is connected to the next with a seamless flow of thoughts.

All the other animations could be classified in the above three. You may call it motion graphics, animated GIF or a flash application.

Why us?

There are 3 specific reasons as to why should you choose us.
It’s always a team effort and we have the best of teams
It does not take just a good animator to develop an engaging video. It’s always a team work. Let us explain. When we start work on any video production, our first objective is to involve our creative team to get fresh, unique and bespoke ideas. These ideas are discussed internally and we pitch a minimum of 3 ideas to our client, before we start the work. Based on the chosen idea by our client, our graphic designer creates a storyboard and then our Animators start to develop the videos. It’s always a team effort where multiple bright ideas give that video an edge over your competition.
The clients that we have served
We have served multiple industries and some of the best names in these industries. Like Toyota, Total, Abu Dhabi Commercial bank and Australian Geographic. Having said that, we equally support startups and small and medium businesses around the world. To us, each customer is equally important and unique.
We are cost effective.
Today, Pakistan is the third largest exporters of IT related services in the world. Do you know why? Simply because we deliver quality at affordable cost. The professionals in our country work on affordable rates and we pass on the savings to our clients. Our other Animation services include logo animation. YouTube intro videos, Graphics animation, character and vector animation. We take pride in offering a full suite of animation services making Digital Marketing Trade a one stop shop for all your animation needs.

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