Ecommerce web design maintenance is a routine process to keep your website running smoothly without any issues popping up. This will keep your content trendy; your website design updated and keep your website bug-free.

We offer the upkeep routine on a monthly basis. Our web design company includes an elementary, enhanced, and premium plan. You can choose one best suited to your needs.

Hire DMT as your website design company to get the quality assurance you need for your website and services like

  • Website updates
  • Security updates
  • Copywriting or web content maintenance
  • Backups
  • Ensuring the operational integrity of your website
  • SEO and social media management services

Its also imperative that your website is secure to prevent attacks from hackers and strengthen your encryption.

We also provide insight in your website’s SEO situation with a full solution to enhance it.


Our cost-effective and reliable website design services are well known for updates, support, and security from the best design teams here at DMT. Starting from USD $80

Maintenance Plan Elementary Enhanced Premium
Price $60 per month $120 per month $1000 per month
Domain renewal check
Broken Links Scan
Page changes and additions
Page changes and additions
Comment Monitoring
Downtime Report
Website Facelifts and Makeovers
Annual Search Engine Analysis Report
Hosting Email Errors
Product changes and additions
Add breaking news or upcoming events
Bankable hours
Standard Website and Email Options
Google Analytics Report
Maintenance as Needed
Blog Posting with or without Images
Social Network Maintenance
Support Tab
Add Photos, Graphics, Charts, and Graphs
Live Chat
25 Point Monthly Checklist
50 Point Monthly Checklist
Full backup of your site - Weekly
SEO Services
SMM Services


24/7 assistance with our teams regarding

  • Security checks
  • Backups
  • Preventative measures
  • You will receive a detailed report by the end of the month
  • Our management services are equipped with effective security plans in place which include systematic monthly cheques, modifications on database servers and firewall. We also offer optimization and updates on your page titles and content.


This is a necessary step as it showcases the online image of the business. People will be able to determine your credibility with just your website design and outlet. It’s crucial to keep it updated and optimized to yield results.

Whether it be a large or a small-scale business, DMT offers these services to all. With high quality website design services, DMT will keep you worry-free.


Depending on the data, the maintenance can cost anywhere between USD $1000-100,000.

Hiring an individual or a freelancer for something as important as this is risky as your website’s maintenance isn’t something to be trifled with. Professionals at Digital Marketing Trade have years of experience to ensure quality and reliability.

At DMT, our trams consist of graphic designers, content writers and SEO optimizers to create a balanced and interesting consumer experience.

This is why DMT offers continuous support and aid after the website is finished. We understand the timeframe and that the skills needed to master this would take finesse and excellence, both of which can be found right here.